GREAT LAKES CENTRE FOR STRATEGIC MEDIA STUDIES (GLCSMS) is an independent, registered media organization based in Lira city, Uganda. GLCSMS was incorporated on 16th May, 2018, under the Companies Act, Cap 1 of 2012, as a company limited by guarantee and not having share capital. The Company Number is 80020000968079.

Annual Media Conference

Started in 2016 by GLCSMS, the conference brings together journalists and prominent dignitaries to deliberate on a selected conference theme, and other issues of development in northern Uganda.

Real Story Awards (RSA)

Our new initiative, Real Story Awards (RSA) seeks to recognize and reward exceptional journalists & media houses in Lango sub region and greater northern Uganda. More details will be released soon.

TND News

The Northern Daily (TND) News is a media brand of GLCSMS, and is a digital newspaper. The paper publishes news, and articles around Lango sub region and Uganda. It was launched in 2018.