Why you should donate to GLCSMS

A year after GLCSMS was founded, on 23 October 2019, the 2nd Annual Media Conference took place in Lira City’s All Saints University Lango (ASUL) campus. In that conference, we used limited resources because we could not get enough funding and support to help us properly manage the event.

We all know that every day, journalists are being criticized, insulted and diminished from their places of work. Journalists find it horrible while working to uncover hard truths, keeping the powerful honest and ensuring public is informed.

In Uganda, like any part of the world we operate, a journalists’ life is a complex one and many have been affected due to Covid-19 pandemic, and some have underperformed or been laid off by their employers.

GLCSMS is a passionate advocate for ethical journalism, but we can’t do it minus your support.  When you make a donation to the GLCSMS, you are supporting us to continue advocating for professional journalism, and ensuring we stay strong and competent.

Since 2019, GLCSMS has served as a strong voice for ethical journalism, providing vital conference for journalists and key stakeholders and protecting our right to be informed without suppression.

Your support will help us successfully conduct our four key media initiatives:

  1. Annual Media Conference: This event is attended by journalists, media managers, government officials, leaders and the public. It discusses a number of relevant topics, but above all, it brings media closer to all stakeholders.
  2. Real Story Awards: Your support will help us recognise good journalism and to help us continue to advocate for good journalism. The annual event, recognises at least 20 journalists from Northern, East and Central Uganda.
  3. North Editors Guild: This is a platform which brings news editors, news managers together to learn, plan and be reminded of the importance of upholding professional ethics. Many times, news reporters have been blamed for stories broadcast or published, but those who are blamed have also put blames on their news editors. Your support will help us retrain, offer support to news editors and managers in order to promote true journalism practices.
  4. Media and Capacity Building Trainings: This will see journalists and freelancers with few years in the field and those with experiences are invited for a week-long training.

GLCSMS believes in accountability, integrity and professionalism.