About Us

GREAT LAKES CENTRE FOR STRATEGIC MEDIA STUDIES (GLCSMS) LTD is an independent, registered media organization in Uganda. GLCSMS was incorporated on 16th May, 2018, under the Companies Act, Cap 1 of 2012, as a company limited by guarantee and not having share capital. The Registration Number is 80020000968079.

The organization occupies the space between the media industry and moving soon to occupy a space of academic institution that train journalists and researchers.

Mission Statement

Dedicated to delivering effective, efficient, respectful media service with innovation, integrity and accountability.

Vision Statement

To be the leading media training and awards issuing institution in Northern Uganda and Great Lakes Region.

Values Statement

We are: responsible, accountable, effective, ethical;

We encourage: research and innovation that meets the current media challenges.

The objectives for which GLCSMS was established are;

  1. To promote media industry; sensitize the general public so that it’s convinced of the roles media plays.
  2. To undertake the registration and training and retraining of the scholars, media practitioners who are highly learned in journalism principles to impact the knowledge to the general public.
  3. To organize training sessions like long term media courses, conferences, workshops and other on duty-trainings to reinforce all parties engaged in media so that it’s not misused.
  4. To receive and distribute ideas on media coverage to all journalists using the media principles.
  5. To form an independent, accurate media organizations [publications] aimed at educating, and informing the public.
  6. To award best media houses and journalists of the year.