GLCSMS believes in membership and it is why we invite individual journalists, media houses, Civil Society Organisations, development partners and human rights’ defenders to be part of our growing family.

The organisation was founded on the basis that it is able to have a solid voice, mentor and promote good journalism practices, freedom of speech, among others.

To be a member of the organisation, one is mandated to subscribe for membership and once one is already a member, he or she renews membership on an annual basis. The following categories of membership are available. You can apply using the Apply Now buttons below or download forms from here.

Individual Membership

  • For journalists
  • Uganda shillings UGX 10,000  paid once.
  • Membership renewal UGX 20,000 per year.
  • Access to all GLCSMS Annual Media Conference, trainings and workshops.
  • Entitled to receive story grants, participate in awards competition, unrestricted access to organization’s resource library.
  • Freely contribute articles for organization’s subsidiaries (newspapers) and for main website, among others.

Corporate Membership

  • For CSOs, media organizations/companies and development partners
  • Membership: Uganda shillings 30,000 (paid once)
  • Membership renewal: Uganda shillings 50,000 (annually).
  • Key partners during planning of annual conferences, workshop and others.
  • entitled to exhibits their services at all GLCSMS events.
  • Free digital and print advertisement on all organization’s newspapers.
  • Have their logos, programs placed in all organization’s brochures, newsletters, and in other platforms.
  • Have at least three free articles (PR) published in major organization’s media platforms.