GLCSMS, TESI, EFOTI convene 3rd Annual Media Conference

GLCSMS, TESI, EFOTI convene 3rd Annual Media Conference

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Lira—15, September 2020: The 2020 Annual Media Conference will take place on 23 October 2020 in Lira City, the organisers have confirmed.

The 3rd media conference will be convened under the theme:  “Media’s contribution to creating positive awareness during pandemic and elections.”

“With media already playing key roles until 2021 general elections and like it (media) are also doing during this time of pandemic, we could not get a better theme,” Milton Emmy Akwam, Great Lakes Centre for Strategic Media Studies (GLCSMS)’s Founder and Executive Director said.

He added: “We are very ready to welcome everyone and committed to enforcing government’s Covid-19 guidelines in fighting coronavirus.”

Mr Akwam excitedly announced two key organisations who have joined GLCSMS in ensuring that the event is successful.

Triskelion Education & Skills Initiative (TESI) and Edwin Foundation Tea Initiative (EFOTI) have announced their partnership moving forward.

“Triskelion Education & Skills Initiative (TESI) has joined the GLCSMS in convening the 3rd Annual Media Conference, scheduled to take place on 23rd October 2020 at All Saints University Lango (ASUL) in Lira City.”

Triskelion Education & Skills Initiative (TESI) is a non-profit initiative that empowers young people to succeed in school and work. Their work is focused on 3 areas: ICT, education, and leadership.

“As TESI, we believe that today is digital, and tomorrow is digital, so it is very important for all people, including journalists to have adequate digital skills to enable them to execute their work,” Emmanuel Angoda, TESI Founder says.

“I believe that we have a role in accelerating digital inclusion & skills, and we are happy to partner with GLCSMS to make this conference a success,” he added.

“With print newspaper sales dwindling every year, and everyone becoming a citizen journalist, our journalists need to be well positioned to take advantage of the digital revolution. This conference provides a platform to share new ideas to confront the challenges in media profession,” Emmanuel further says.

TESI has rolled out a number of public-benefit digital platforms including the Participatory E-learning Platform and Coronavirus Covid-19 Dashboard for Uganda.

“TESI will support GLCSMS for 3 years (2020, 2021, 2022) and we look forward to a long a fruitful partnership with GLCSMS,” he added.

Like TESI, EFOTI is excited to continue being part of GLCSMS projects. Mr Edwin Atukunda Beekunda, the EFOTI Director believes that media has done a lot and should do a lot in sensitizing the public on what they should do.

He said: “Media in northern and eastern Uganda need to be supported, and an organisation like GLCSMS and its subsidiaries (TND News) have done the best. From media conference 2019 to this years’, we are moving forward.”

Mr Akwam has sincerely welcomed the TESI support, adding: “I have known Emmanuel for more than 8 years and a very resourceful, visionary man. The 3 year partnership will focus on promoting digital media skills and enhancing innovation among journalists and media houses in northern Uganda and beyond.”

On EFOTI, he said: “Mr Edwin and his foundation, EFOTI has supported us and his continuation is a big gesture.”

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